Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Primark Haul February 2012

My first haul! I just want to explain why I'm doing this. I like watching hauls on Youtube and seeing pics of what people have bought. There was a while when I couldn't get to the shops for months on end and I really appreciated seeing what other people had bought especially from Primark (being that you can't shop there online) as then I could send my family out to buy me things! So for anyone who puts hauls online, thank you.

I haven't done much shopping this month, but here's what I did get:

Leopard print shorts £10.00

Pink shorts £5.00

Black bird print top £6.00

Bird print tie top £5.00

Butterfly print tie top £5.00

Peach lace top £4.00

Tan belt 50p (down from £1.00)

Kirby grips £1.00

Strawberry milkshake candle £1.00

Lauren X

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