Monday, 2 April 2012

Simply the best? A simple review...

Often when I'm thinking of using a new brand of skincare or beauty product I do a quick google to see what people are saying about it, so here's my contribution to the masses of reviews out there.

I'm going to talk about Simple products.

Simple is a brand that has been going for just over 50 years, approaching skincare with a no frills attitude and working on the basis that you do not need harsh chemicals and soap to look after your skin. Their products are packed with vitamins and are particularly aimed at sensitive skin.

About six months ago I bought several of their products because I wanted to give my skin a break with something more natural that would give it a chance to 'breathe'. These are my opinions on them.

Moisturising foaming face wash RRP £3.59

As you may already know, I have very dry skin, but unfortunately it is also prone to spots. I find that most spot fighting washes are drying and most moisturising washes are grease inducing. Unfortunately that was the case with this wash. The wash foams up nicely and immediately after washing my face feels smooth and clean. It definitely moisturises, as it claims, just a little too much for my skin type. I should have gone for one of the different washes from the range. I reach for this wash when my skin is, forgive the pun, going through a dry patch.

Kind to skin soothing toner RRP £2.99

There's not really much to say about this. I can hardly tell that this is anything other than water touching my face. It's designed to remove every last trace of dirt and oil and I have no doubt that it does. To be honest, I only bothered using this for a short time as I came to the conclusion that if you've washed your face properly then you don't really need it.

Replenishing rich moisturiser RRP £3.89

I used to use this moisturiser all the time but have since decided that I probably need to use something that gives a little bit more of a matte finish. It does a good job of moisturising my skin, but combined with the wash was way too much. If I use a different wash and then put this on it does provide a good base to then put my make up on.

Pure soap bar for sensitive skin RRP £2.29

This soap didn't really do anything for me. I found it hard to make a foam and it also felt a bit drying. I wouldn't bother to buy it again.


I appreciate the angle that their coming from and do think it's refreshing to know there are products out there that you can trust to be natural, I just don't think it's the brand for me. I need something more specifically made to handle my unpredictable and aggravating skin.

Lauren X

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