Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Christmas Post 2012

Hello lovelies, 

I haven't really taken the pictures I wanted, but I feel like I need to do a Christmas post today to get it out of the way by next year. I love Christmas but I feel a bit conflicted when you say goodbye to one year and hello to another with the decorations still up and Christmas hanging around, so likewise I didn't want to be blogging about Xmas when we're in 2013. 

L-R: Fingerless gloves, Revlon mirror, Next baubles, Lush Hello Gorgeous set, bamboo socks, balls again, what I'm reading, pressies. 
Here's a snapshot of what I got for Xmas. Like my birthday I mostly had money which I have many plans for already, but I also got the odd few bits above. 

Lauren x


  1. Lovely pictures, i got the revlon mirror to, i love it!:)

  2. Lovely presents! Especially love the Revlon mirror... everyone seems to be getting those pretty mirrors these days! Love your photos :) Happy New Year x

  3. aw you got lovely bits- i love that mirror!
    i got the big s&g set too i adore it!
    happy new year lovely! xx


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