Friday, 15 February 2013

My First Ever OOTD!

Hello lovelies, 

I've been wanting to do an OOTD for ages but for various reasons (lack of space, tripod, light, etc) I'm only just dipping my feet in the water now. 
As this is my first OOTD I think I should just explain a little about my style (if you could call it that!)...I'm the first to admit that I'm not an avid follower of fashion. Yes, I like to buy the occasional on trend item, but I'm not at all someone who buys tons of new clothes every five minutes - I don't have the money. This brings me to my next point, if you're a regular reader you'll have noticed how little I spend on things, clothes included. It's not that I don't want to spend (sometimes I feel like Rebecca Bloomwood in Primark clothing) just that in my current jobless state I have other priorities!

 So anyway, this is what I wore yesterday.  I was volunteering in the charity shop during the morning and then went to town in the afternoon and then on over to a friend's house for a while. I've got into the lazy habit of just throwing on jeans and a jumper but yesterday I wanted to wear my new shoes and decided they would go best with a skirt and tights. The weather's been quite mild down here for the last couple weeks so I got away with wearing just one set of sleeves (the cardigan) with a thin top underneath that tucks in to my skater skirts nicely without looking all bumpy.
Shoes from George at Asda and everything else from Primark (told you I'm cheap!)
...and to acknowledge that it was V-day I wore this love ring from Accessorize. 

So there you have it, my first OOTD!

Lauren x


  1. You look lovely! Love the skirt, have this skater style on my 'to buy when pay day finally hits' list ha! Will have to check out Primark's offerings! :) xx

  2. Wow, you look great! The blouse is gorgeous and the ring is beautiful :)


  3. pretty ring!

  4. I love this outfit it is well nice! I used to have a ring like that and lost in... I am definitely going to go to Accessorize and buying this one! Btw I love a good old Primark outfit :) x

  5. I love this outift so much, the dress is really pretty with that cardigan and i love your ring!:)

  6. I have this ring! It's the second time I've purchased it and it oxidised a bit last time. It's so dainty and beautiful and so reasonable too!xx


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