Sunday, 1 July 2012

Maxi Dress Love

I've wanted a maxi dress for a long long time now, but for some reason never ended up with one. This week that has changed and I got this beauty...

Be Beau @ Matalan £26.00 £13.00

I love this material, the roses remind me of those painted on barges.

It was from the Be Beau collection at Matalan which I find always has the more on trend items of clothing. I can see this going nicely with my new wedges and a cropped denim jacket. Lovely.

Lauren X


  1. I love the dress, I'm really happy you finally got it! I have one similar to yours and it saved hundreds of times! I actually also love to pair it with denim jacket - perfect for summer nights!!!

    1. It would be if it would stop raining in Britain - so jealous of you living in Cali!

    2. OMG, Lauren - I LOVE rainy weather!!! (I guess it's cause I grew up in Northern Europe) I'm telling you we need to do what Kate and Cameron did in the Holiday movie;-))))

    3. Ha-ha, one day we'll make it happen;-))))

  2. the dress looks so so beautiful :) great choice! I bet it will be a real eyecatcher :))
    and I never was in Matalan... :/ Really want to visit it :D
    in btw keep up the great work with your blog, dear :))

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments:) Matalan's a good shop, but a bit annoying that it's not on the high street!

  3. that maxi dress is gorgeous, think a trip to mataland is in order ;)
    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog hope you will come again soon!


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