Monday, 9 July 2012

#Nail Fail

This morning I was looking through a magazine when I saw these colour block nails and thought 'ooh they look good'.

I stupidly thought that it would be easy to do,  but still mucked it up!

It started okay, I did a nude layer of Nails Inc's Basil Street then used a sticky divider to form a cut off line before applying a tip of Love Rat by George at Asda. 

Basil Steet (on thumb!)

The dividing line
The messy results

It was looking good until I peeled back the line and it left a sticky, raised residue. Serves me right for using a sticky strip from an ancient manciure kit!

Anyway, I just thought I'd share it, as you always see when people get it right, but nobody posts their mistakes ;)

Lauren x


  1. i like this idea why more than a regular french manicure. It's a shame the ancient sticking strip left a mark haha :,D

    1. IKR! I was gutted, but will give it another go soon (when I have the patience!).

  2. Its a good idea, and it didn't look too bad, maybe theres some way of fixing what the sticky strips do?
    Daniella x

  3. ah it doesn't look bad at all, i must try this. following you now! If you get a chance, i have a new post up about vision boards, would love to know what you think

    Eimear x

  4. I still think this looks really good, a nice thick top coat will sort out that bumpy bit straight away and no one will know any different :) This mani is now on my to do list!



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