Monday, 17 September 2012

My New Quilted Coat!

You know how it is when you see something you like, think about buying it, find out they haven't got your size and immediately realise just how much you wanted it? You suddenly have to have it and it's not there. Your minds working overtime thinking how you can get it; order online, try another store, check the dressing room rail. This is what happened to me when I saw this coat in Asda on Saturday. 
Pics taken from the George website
They had these perched right in the front of the store so you couldn't miss them as you walked in, advertising the fact that they're only £15 until the 20th when they go up to £19. Having lusted after a quilted jacket for the last month or so, I made a bee-line for them, only to find they didn't have my size. Lucky for me there was an odd one in the aisles with the rest of the clothes. 

Sorry, not the best pics I'v ever taken!

I wasn't sure it would be very flattering at first but it's actually a really nice fit. It has side fastenings which you tighten/loosen with buckles, these define your waist while the back has two parallel lines that give it a bit more of a structured shape from behind. The fit is a little on the tight side but I assume this is the nature of a quilted item, and this means it's super warm which is what I want in a winter jacket. They also did it in red, black, and possibly a green shade but I can't really remember and the navy was my favourite by far. 

What do you think?

Lauren x 


  1. I didn't think I would like this very much, but I actually do!! It's perfect for fall, love the buttons and that its such a lovely shade of navy!


    1. Thanks Kelly, I wasn't sure about the style at first but they look a lot better on than off!


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