Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Newspaper Print Nails

I've been meaning to try this nail art idea for ages and finally got around to it at the weekend with my sister.

To start off we painted our nails with a couple coats of Nails Inc's Basil Street. We thought this would give it an antique look. Then one by one we dipped our nails in an eggcup of vodka, placing a small bit of newspaper over the nail. You have to make sure the newspaper is wet through and push down on it with another finger. It's the same as when you're a kid and you have the instant tattoos that wash on (minus the vodka of course!). Next you peel the paper off again and voila, all that's left to do is a top coat. 

Although it worked, the print came out quite faded and you could clearly tell it was our first attempt. I've since read that it may have been because we only dipped our nails in the vodka quite briefly, so if you try it make sure you give them a couple mins immersed. In hindsight I'd have also used a different base colour for more of a contrast. 

I'm definitely going to try these again and experiment with different fonts and maybe try to transfer part of the comic strips, or some other non-wordy part of the paper!

If you've tried/try these I'd love to see the results, let me know. 

Lauren  x


  1. These look great, I think the faded look really adds to it! Desperate to try this out soon x

    1. Thanks Hannah, let me know how you get on with it

  2. What a creative idea! Looks great to me :)



  3. this looks so good even for a first attempt. i am still wanting to give this ago. I think I will have to try at the weekend. Great post lovely xx


    1. Thank you! Let me know if you do, would be interested to see how it goes :)

  4. Wow - what a great idea. They look fab.


  5. Lovely blog!
    I'm now following you, and it would be really kind of you if you wanted to follow me back! :) x


  6. I love your nails!



  7. I love this idea, its something I keep meaning to try out but never get round to.....!
    Thankyou so much for the encouraging comment and following me!
    Im now following you also as you have a great blog! :)




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