Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sunday Summary 30/09/2012

Hello lovelies,

*Another week has flown by and we're creeping closer to Christmas. I like this time of year because although the days are getting shorter, there always seems to be a little something or other to look forward to what with Halloween, Bonfire night, and a couple family birthdays in between. This week I caught up with a friend who's having a baby and she's finding out the sex in two weeks, so that's also something exciting to look forward to :) 

Of course I also found some time for much needed shopping and got myself some bits and pieces from Primark once again. I'll do a haul post really soon of what I got. I think that'll be the last time I go shopping for a while now as I got a pretty hefty vets bill (I don't think there's such a thing as getting off lightly at the vets?). On the plus side Jasper is now set up for 3 months worth of arthritis tablets, so hopefully when it gets damper he won't feel it as much. He normally has a lumpy elbow and the anti-inflammatories have already bought it down, so that's money well spent.

I've had a bit of luck this week with my comping and received an awesome prize which I will share with you in the next few days. Aside from that I've got a few other posts in mind and obviously the haul I mentioned. I'm missing doing nail posts at the moment but I'm trying to leave them alone because I got a couple caught on a door and they're all split and horrible.  If you have any ideas of a specific post you would like to see then do let me know!

And as I never do a post without at least one pic, here's something I saw on Pinterest.

I normally hate pictures of babies I don't know (sorry,I just don't find them cute!), but this is a a rare exception. 

Lauren x

*Excuse my random ramblings


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