Monday, 1 October 2012

Life's a box of chocolates

I mentioned in my latest Sunday Summary that I had received a really great prize this week, or at least I think it is anyway. After saying the other day that I haven't really entered many competitions lately, I had a surprise email to say I'd won a prize from the LG Arena Facebook page. I emailed back straight away and it arrived just two days later!

It was a Thornton's Best of British Hamper which contains a couple of Thornton's classic selections as well as some more unusual British themed items. These include banana and custard and cherry bakewell chocolate bar blocks, and jam roly poly chocolates! It was all beautifully presented in this lovely picnic hamper and I am over the moon (to coin a very British idiom!). 

Thanks again to the LG Arena for a lovely prize :)

Lauren x 


  1. Mmmmm... Looks yummy! What a fun prize to win. Congrats! :)


  2. Great prize!/)

  3. How do you manage to win so many prizes!? They always seem like really good ones too. :) How many do you enter and how many have you won this year so far? Sorry sorry! I'm a bit nosey, I know! haha :D
    it's not a beauty blog but I'd love it if you dropped by and told me what you think :)

    1. 2 things... luck and time!

      I don't know how many but since I started (around June) I've won a few things each month, more often than not it's been beauty products like skincare or makeup. I started off entering a lot each day (about 50) but soon got bored and now enter I'd guess about 150 - 200 a week. You kinda get into the swing of it and I love receiving things in the post :)

      Thanks for commenting, I'll defo pop by your blog and say hello x

  4. wow, what a lush prize, even just the basket would be a great thing to win but all the chocs too? yum! hope you are enjoying them :D x

    1. Thanks. I'm showing amazing willpower and haven't even opened them yet - hoping to save them til Christmas!

  5. Wow, where do you find all these compeitions to enter? You are so lucky to win so much! xx


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