Saturday, 6 October 2012

Purchase On A Whim: Biker Jacket

Yesterday, whilst shopping in Asda I had a cheeky look at the clothes as usual. I came across quite a few nice things, but then I hit upon a biker style jacket which I couldn't quite resist buying. This is a bit of a flying post as I'm off out in a minute and won't be back until sunday, so for the moment you'll have to put up with some stock images, but I promise I have some proper picture posts coming soon. 

Anyhoo, when I got home I had a quick look around just to see what other biker jackets were around and these are the ones that caught my eye. 

1. Be Beau @ Matalan £35
2. George @ Asda £28 (Mine!)
3. Dorothy Perkins £55
4. New Look £59.99
5. H&M £29.99

What do you think of these style of jackets?

Lauren x 


  1. Nice!:)

  2. I love biker jackets! And all of these are at such a great price- thanks for sharing! :)



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