Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Duo Blogger Competition

Hello Ladies, 

I recently learnt that Duo Boots were running a blogger competition where you can win a pair of shoes or boots from their A/W collection. I really enjoy putting together this kind of post so thought I'd give it a go. If you'd like to check it out too you can find the full details via this link.

Now onto the outfit I chose:
I started out by picking the my favourite shoes from the website, which are these Grayson ankle boots. I love that they'd go with pretty much everything I own, so they're really versatile. I then added a blue sequinned Topshop skater skirt. Who can resist a bit of sparkle now and again?! I wanted to keep the top simple, so have chosen a plain black top from River Island with a zip detail at the back. I finished off with a belt and necklace from Asos.

This is the kind of outfit that I'd wear for various occasions, especially during the Christmas period. I think it'd be good for going out for meals and the top could be changed to something lighter for a more day time look. 

Let me know what you think and leave me links if you decide to do an entry too!

Lauren x 


  1. Hey, you did great i love them boots! I entred the competition to! Good luck in it!:)

  2. Fab look!


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