Sunday, 14 October 2012

Autumn/Winter Primark Haul 2012


So I said I would do a post about my last trip to Primark and I've finally got around to doing it. I'm rubbish at taking pics of clothes, they never really look good but you get an idea of what they are anyway. 

Stripey Blackcurrant Jumper - £8.00
This jumper is so snug. It's a teeny bit longer at the back than front and it has a small slit on the bottom of each side. It's very snug and goes with quite a lot. They had it in a few different colour ways but my mind's blank and the only other one I can remember is coffee and cream. 

Stripey Dip Hem Jumper - £10.00
This jumper drowns me quite a bit, but I couldn't care less. Plus it looks ok with leggings and nothign over them so it's great to throw on when you're in a hurry. 

Short Jumper - £6.00
This is quite  a short jumper, I'd almost describe it as being cropped. I picked this one up to wear with a black skater skirt because I needed something short but still warm. 

Skater Skirt - £6.00
I finally got my hands on a plain black skater. So happy about this!

Loose Fi Blazer - £7.00
I'm not sure, but think this was £15 originally so it was a real bargain. The only problem is that it's a size 14 which is a little big for me. I'm not really sure that I can get away with it, but it might be ok if I wear more underneath, or at least I hope so. 

Cotton Socks - £2.50
I needed more socks and liked the colour of these, not sure they'll last long though, it already feels as if my toes are going to go through them.

Cardigan - £8.00
Again, this is a shorter lengthed top which I thought would look good with a skater skirt or anything that sits more on your waist than normal. I've been meaning to get one like this for a while and I like the gold outline of the buttons on this one. 

There you go, that's what I bought. I'm probably going to be down there again in the next week as my mum wants to take something back and I'll go too. If I have any willpower I won't be buying much as I'm trying to save for Christmas, but we'll see. 

Lauren x 


  1. the jumpers and skirt is so cute, i love it, certainly going to take trip to primark now!:)

  2. Totally agree with the girl above! This post just left me thinking "I have GOT to go to primark right now" haha
    I actually think your shots of the clothes are done really well. Usually they're a lot worse on blogs I've seen. :)

  3. No, I haven't seen that but glad it made you smile anyway. :)
    Oh thank you so much for voting! Yep, fingers crossed.

    And another thank you for following my blog. It means a lot to me, especially due to your mini rant below. :p

  4. What a great haul! I especially like the pleated skirt and the first berry and black striped sweater. What amazing bargains! :)


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  6. Hey sweet, I have nominated you for a Liebster award as one of my inspiring blogs that I follow.

    Lauren xx

  7. Ooooo love the top jumper - such lovely colours. Might need to make a wee Primark trip :)
    Lianne x

  8. Love everything! xoxo


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