Sunday, 27 January 2013

Lush: The Comforter Review

Hello lovelies, 

If you were with me in December you may have seen my Xmas post which showed you that I received a  Lush 'Hello Gorgeous' gift set. A month on I've just got round to having a very long, indulgent bath using the comforter bubble bar. I have to admit to being way behind and never having used anything from Lush before. Well, clearly I've been missing out. I can honestly say I had the best bath ever this afternoon .

For a total newbie like me, a bubble bar is basically a solid form of bubble bath. You break a bit off and it looks like a pumice stone. To use it you crumble it under the hot water tap when you start running your bath. This one costs £4.25 and judging by the amount I used will last about 5/6 baths.

First impressions were that the bubble bar smells great, it's been sitting in my room making it smell lovely and now that I've broken a bit off it's re-awoken the smell. It's actually blackcurrant, but if I didn't know this then I wouldn't have been able to pin point what it was, only the fact that I love it. 
I was a bit sceptical as to whether it would bubble up, but it was fantastic and even when I topped my water up mid bath it was still creating bubbles. My bath water was also a really girly pink that didn't stain the bath or me. 

It's been a great intro the the brand and I can't wait to try out the other things in the set!
Do you have any Lush favourites?

Lauren x


  1. This sounds so nice, pink to!:)

  2. I love Lush! And that's one of my favourite bubble bars, creamy candy is a really nice one too :) but I'm even more obsessed with their skincare!

    1. I will definitely be getting more. There are so many products I like the look of though. I got a sample of moisturiser in the set so will be trying their skincare soon :)

      Lauren x

  3. I am a total Lushaholic and have blogged about quite a few products xx


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