Thursday, 10 January 2013

Revlon 9429U Make-Up Mirror Review

Hello lovelies, 

There have been two things lately that have really made a difference to how I apply my make-up. The first is my Real Techniques brush set that I talked about the other day in this post, the other is something I asked for  and received at Christmas; this Revlon mirror. 
A decent mirror is something that I'd needed for a while. Even more so when it's so dark and dull in the mornings like it is here at this time of year. I originally had my eye on the No 7 one from Boots but when my mum offered to buy me this one for Xmas I wasn't going to say no! She got it at £25 on half price offer from  Very
I've now been using it every day since Xmas and have to say that I love it. It's so so handy for getting a good close up (scary at times!) of your face. I usually just use the normal side but the 3x magnifying side is really good for doing your eyebrows because you can see them so well to get individual ones out. It can be angled at almost any position, the only thing you can't change is the height (which I wouldn't expect anyway). I really like the fact that it plugs in so you don't have to worry about batteries and also that it's so easy to flick on and off. The illumination is excellent and I can see really clearly in the mirror in poor light. 
I'm very pleased with it and just hope the bulb will last or be replaceable when it does go!

Lauren x


  1. I was going to get this one then i gor the no7 mirror, this one looks really great though :)

  2. I have on that's so similar, it's Revlon but it's one that when you touch the base of the mirror it lights up, and it has 3 strengths of light (if that's the right term of phrase to use haha!). It's great because it goes really bright, but kind of annoying when I keep touching it (clumsy?! me?! Noooo..... haha) and it turns off. But other than that mine has totally changed my make-up application too! Strangely enough, alongside the AMAZING real techniques brushes which I am totally in love with :)
    Charlotte xox


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