Sunday, 20 January 2013

New Budget Buys Jan 2013

Hello Lovelies, 

Just some things I've been buying lately. All budget buys so nothing breath taking I'm afraid, but something to nosey at nonetheless! Something to look at has gotta be better than nothing.

I think I must be getting old as I really wasn't happy this year until I got a diary. Over the last few months of 2012 I got really into writing in my old one, just noting what I'd done that day so that I could keep track of things. This is the one I ended up with; nothing flashy, just an A5 day to page from Wilkinsons for £3. 
While in town I also used one of the vouchers I blogged about that came with the Soap & Glory Best Of All set. It gave you £3 off facial skincare. I decided to go for the Fab Pore Facial Peel which was already £8 down to £6 and with the £3 knocked off that only left £3 to pay.  If you have them then the first set go out on Jan 22nd - go and spend them ladies! I used it last night and was impressed - review coming soon.
Next up - something boring but essential. This one smells nice and is really gentle on my skin. It was super cheap too. I've found that if you use a print out advantage card voucher (in this case 25% off a deo) it will take it off the full price even if something's on offer. So instead of £3 something it was just 80pish. This works for other boring things like toothepaste too, which means more money to spend on pretty/fun things instead. 
I also needed to spend my £3 Body Shop card (the one from Glamour). I was in a real hurry in the shop and it was the last day so I opted for this fresh smelling watermelon and eucalyptus shower gel for £2.50. It sounds pretty good and is completely eco friendly. 
Last but not least, was this Palmers lip balm for £1 from Asda. My lips are really feeling the wintery weather and I like to have lip balms in my various bags and pockets whenever I need it. You can never have too many. 

...and that's it!

Lauren x 


  1. Bargain galore! Love the diary xx

    1. thank you, trying to save some money so only budget buys for the min!

  2. I've just recently tried out a few S&G facial products, and absolutely love them! This fab pore peel has intrigued me.. it definitely looks as though it's worth a purchase!
    Lovely blog now following:) x

    1. Hi Zoey!

      I've just been reading about the S&G you've been using on your blog. Thanks for the comment lovely and for following :)

      Lauren x


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