Thursday, 24 January 2013

Review: Sudocrem - Not just for babies' bums!

Hello lovelies, 

If like me you suffer from more than your fair share of spots then you will have probably tried a shed load of products that claim to get rid of the buggers. Enter Sudocrem.
I'd been meaning to try this for ages after seeing it doing the rounds but finally got it a few weeks ago. I paid £2.25 for 125g in Superdrug but you can get it in all the usual places; Boots, Wilkinsons, Supermarkets, etc. 

Not having any little people around I've never had much to do with it and didn't realise quite how many uses it covers. As it's quite thick and white it gives you a bit of a ghostly look unless you rub it in well. I find it's just easier to put it on at night and let it work its magic. It definitely makes my spots appear calmer and tones down the redness of marks. I think it probably stops them from getting worse due to the antiseptic properties (at least it makes me think that!). It's really kind to skin and now I've tried it I expect it'll be something I'll always use. A little goes a long way and I can see this tub lasting for ages. 

All in all I'd recommend it if you're after something that might make a difference. 

Lauren x 


  1. I love Sudocrem :) It's a beauty essential for me! I agree it works wonders on blemishes and spots xx

  2. Genius! Thanks so much for the tip. :)


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