Thursday, 31 January 2013

New Buys On A Budget

Hello lovelies, 

I've been very good but boring lately and haven't really bought much at all other than things that are necessities. I made my way to Primark this week and still didn't really manage to spend any money (go me!). Even though I hadn't been since before Christmas, there didn't seem to be anything different. I suppose this is a bit of a weird time of year where they're trying to shift the old to make way for the new. I have however picked up a few bargains this week:
Since I fell in love with S&G I've spent a considerable amount of time perusing the range in Boots. The other day (after having sniffed the sugar crush buttercream for the gazillionth time, boy is it good) I spotted this on the bottom shelf, with a reduced label marked £1.38. Now I fell out with dry oil sprays after using the Avon one and getting a huge oily patch on my duvet from letting my leg touch the bed.  However, I'm sure I can make an exception for S&G and since I live in shorts during the summer this should be pretty good :)
My skin is becoming the bain of my life, it's never great but has really been playing up lately. I've had breakouts left, right and center, and an oily t-zone combined with dry skin. Sounds a bit weird to have dry skin when it's oily, but believe me, it's possible! After trying several different moisturiser samples (and getting on with none) I decided to cut the crap and go with something stripped back and oil free. This had great reviews on the Boots website and was only £2.79. 
While in Primark the only thing I bought was this tank and shorts PJ set for a fiver. I didn't want to leave with nothing and if you spend as much time in your dressing gown as I do then you can never have too many PJs. 
Next up is this bag from  Matalan. We had a leaflet through the door saying it was going to be on offer from £12 down to £5 this week so I'd been waiting to go in and get one. It comes in black, tan, a pale pink and  grey and I really had trouble deciding which to go for because they were all nice. In the end I thought that this would go with the most things, but I think I'll probably go back and get another colour because I like it so much. 
Last but not least is this cowboy shirt dress that I picked up in Asda. It was only £1! so I really couldn't say no and although it doesn't look much here (these pics wouldn't do anything justice) the design is really flattering on me because it draws attention to my waist and gives me a bit more of a shape rather than looking straight up and down like a 12yr old boy. It's quite wimpy material but it feels really nice, has cute piping and looks good with leggings and boots. 

Lauren x


  1. That Matalan bag is so nice! And what a bargain too! I hope I can pop into my local store soon and pick it up :) xx

  2. I am tempted with the S&G dry oil, I keep looking at it, but like you, dont want the oil transferring to my sheets! xx

  3. I've never heard of the S&G dry oil but it looks good!


  4. Great bargains! That Soap & Glory body oil sounds fantastic and that bag is amazing. What a great find! :)


  5. You've found some amazing bargains! It's so satisfying to find something cheap when you're craving some retail therapy on a budget! Love that Matalan bag, and the PJ's are so cute!

    Tasha xx

  6. amazing bargains, and i get dry skin were is oily to, i really need to try that moisturiser as my skins so sensitive!:)


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